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Baker's Chocolate Packaging

When re-designing Baker's Chocolate Packaging, the mission was to bring a fresh and modern approach to a classic product. Focusing on updating the chocolate’s look and feel to draw in a younger generation of home bakers. With an updated color scheme, and fun patterns, while keeping the box packaging to make it easier to use and to reuse. The chocolate is a tried and true brand that has been on the market since 1780 and with this packaging update bringing in a new generation of bakers it will continue to share its story with the world.


In redesigning the Bakers Chocolate packaging, the vision was to make the chocolate more appealing to a younger generation of baker. In the sketches below you can see some of the different ideas that on how to modernize the packaging, making it more visible on the store shelves, and most importantly making it more appealing to a younger generation of baker.

Untitled 2_edited.jpg

Digital Drafts

For the digital drafts below for this project you can see the process of trying to incorporate some of the design ideas from the sketches above. While the decision was made to stick with the brands original colors that are associated with a particular chocolate flavor so as not to alienate the current client base. Using updated typography and designing a playful pattern for the wax paper of each type of chocolate the goals of appealing to a younger generation as well as to stand out on the shelf are being realized.



Here are the flat final packaging designs. The original flavor colors were preserved however each flavor received it's own unique patterned inner wrapper.

Final Design

In these final designs, the different patterns and colors for three of the most popular flavors of Baker's Chocolate can be seen.

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