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Bottle Packaging Project

Copper Moon Moonshine is a unique moonshine brand that takes you back to the roaring twenties. Our packaging design and projects show elements from the 1920's, which helps to elevate the brand and bring a unique flare to the industry. We strive to provide our customers with a product that elevates the moonshine experience. Our moonshine is crafted with the highest quality ingredients and each bottle is expertly hand-crafted. Our unique designs and packaging help set us apart from the rest.


To create a brand of small batch moonshine. The client would like the brand of moonshine to feel more exclusive and higher end than other moonshine’s on the market. However, they would like the packaging to stand out and give a nod to days gone by.


Digital Draft

Here you can see the earliest designs of the Copper Moon Packaging


Here are the final design flats.

Final Design

These final designs illustrate how much the project changed as I worked on it. These changes were made by implementing feedback I received from peers and professionals, which allowed me a new way to showcase the three different designs.

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